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FAQ - A Cowlick and Control

FAQ - A Cowlick and Control
FAQ - Somebody Asked
I Am Having Challenges With a Cowlick at My Hairline?

Cowlicks are tricky to manage, but with the right styling and product use, they can be tamed. For stray hair along the front hairline, the best way to attack is with a round brush and a high-heat blow dryer. Starting with wet hair is best as cowlicks begin to stick out as your hair dries. The easiest way to tame a cowlick is by appeasing to its natural tendencies. Brush in the direction of the cowlick with the round brush while blow drying to smooth it out. Pull your hair up through the brush while blow drying and then twist the brush as if you are using a curling iron. Finish with some good hairspray and a shot of cold air from the hair dryer to keep your do in place.


If this styling method doesn’t work, try a blow drying combo… first against the cowlick then with it. By this we mean pull your hair up and twist back with the round brush and then down and twist forward… like you’re evening out your hair. Again, use a blow dryer and good hairspray and work with wet hair for best results.


Once you have your cowlick just where you want it, use a bobby pin to hold it in place until your hair dries. Try using ceaseless pins for best results. 

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