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FAQ - Blow Dry and Getting It Smooth

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FAQ - Blow Dry and Getting It Smooth
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I Blow Dry My Hair and Struggle With Getting It Smooth. Is There a Tool That Will Help Me With This?

Struggling with smooth hair after blow drying is no surprise. The heat dries out your hair and over time will leave it broken and damaged. Ideally we wouldn’t use a blow dryer at all, but that’s just not feasible! Luckily there are some great professional treatments you can use to repair your hair so when you do blow-dry it leaves your hair healthy.


L'Oreal makes some great products that won’t leave your hair feeling dull or heavy. It’s best to start off the treatment with your shampoo and conditioner. Choose one that repairs and nourishes your hair. Use their repair line to inject some life back into your hair. Use the companion conditioner and towel dry your hair as much as possible when done. May seem like a small effort but goes a long way in protecting your hair, and less time using  the blow dryer.


Finish off with a leave-in balm that will continue to work as your drying. Be mindful of your straightener; while it appears to smooth out the hair, it is also causing damage that if untreated will cause split ends and dry frizz.

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