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FAQ - Cutting Fine Hair For The Illusion of Thicker Hair

FAQ - Cutting Fine Hair For The Illusion of Thicker Hair
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For Fine Hair Is There a Cutting Technique That Will Create The Illusion of Thicker Hair?

More than half of women have fine hair and good stylists will be masterful at using a technique that is flattering. Some techniques we use to accentuate fine hair include asymmetric cutting. The eye is naturally drawn to the longest point, so creating a style with these design elements in play will make your hair look thicker. We would also consider the use of bangs to create a fuller affect. Blow drying techniques are used, like blowing against the hair and back adds volume. We refrain from using short layers or textured cutting as this will leave hair limp and lacklustre.


Your best bet for every day volume are professional products designed to lift and add volume; a must for thinner hair. Salons use products with lines dedicated to providing healthy lift. Combine that with a texture product like wave enhancing and you will have a fuller style every day, not just when you leave the salon.

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