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Jocelyn at Salon Beautymark : The Training Reveals The Passion

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Spotlight on Jocelyn

From Behind The Desk

To Out Front On The Floor



The video included with this article introduces and explores one of the many current trends in styling and colour. Jocelyn, ever the student in all things current, continues to hone her craft with a dedication to her clients to ensure they may entertain the latest trends while maintaining the confidence that Jocelyn has their back when it comes to something new.


The word on Jocelyn looks like this:

She started out doing reception 3 years ago, after watching everyone doing hair out on the cutting floor she started to think about what it would be like to be out there making people feel good about their hair, and that’s when her journey started, she was then being trained to be a hairstyling assistant, with the help from the amazing stylists she was working with she was able to understand how things should be done. Now she is a little more experienced and has started training to be a hair stylist, she will be starting school in the next few months and she can't wait to continue her amazing colourful life in the hair industry!

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