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Salon Beautymark - Top Three Hair Colour Trends for 2020

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A New Year, A New You
Why Not a New Colour?
Beigey Balayage, Deep Reds, Mushroom Brown

Nothing changes your current look more than a different colour palette. Let's look at the hottest trending colour selection for your new dew in 2020


Beigey Balyage


This pastel look is dreamy and warm. Using a palette of creamy blonde tones throughout the hair can evoke a youthful and on trend look for 2020.


Deep Reds


We are seeing a definite trend towards rich reds, cutting out vibrancy, so leaning more towards brown reds. Very luxurious and sexy. Any women can pull off a red, just needs to be the right red, and the experts at Salon Beautymark can help you with this.


Mushroom Brown


Okay, I know this doesn’t sound desirable…we are talking the earthy muted tones of mushrooms, not the mushroom cut... lol. These browns are on the cooler side with a hint of khaki green to cool the brown down but by no means will it leave you feeling green. So pretty!

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