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The Highs and Lows of Bleaching One's Hair

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Some Things Are Better Left To The Pros
Sometimes doing certain things in the convenience of one's home can be very appealing for its convenience, or cost, or sense of accomplishment. And then again some things are better left alone.
Every so often, even for the professionals of the industry, bleaching one's hair at home can have unsuspecting results. Recently, Nick TiTi, owner of Salon Beautymark, took his inspiration to home to inject a change in his appearance. Even with an abundance of expertise the result wasn't exactly what he bargained for.
To quote Ringo Starr, "...with a little help from his friends", the professionals at Beautymark knew exactly how to achieve the desired result.
Although we do not necessarily recommend that you try this at home, it is worth knowing what products were used to achieve the look TiTi desired. Wella's Blondor was used for the bleaching needed, and Wella's Illumina Colour was used to achieve the desired tone.
Click on the photos below for a video inspiration, especially if changing your look is something you've been thinking about.

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